• Welcome to the Construction Department for 27J Schools. We are committed to planning and constructing quality educational facilities that maximize student achievement and potential.  In support of the District's overall mission, our Department's specific mission is to lead the successful construction of facilities that exceed the expectations of the 27J Community with integrity, stewardship, teamwork and foundational partnerships. 
    Please note our address is:
    Brighton Learning and Resources Campus
    1850 Egbert St., Suite 140
    Brighton, CO 80601
Name Position Phone Email
Caleb McNeil Senior Construction Project Manager 303-655-2983 cmcneil@sd27j.net
Becky Smith Construction Project Manager 303-655-2813 rdsmith@sd27j.net
Kevin Barden Construction Project Manager 303-655-2817 kbarden@sd27j.net
Levi Bennion Technology Project Manager 720-685-7610 lbennion@sd27j.net
Alex Kim Security Systems Technician 720-685-7671 akim@sd27j.net
Rob Coffin Construction Project Manager 303-655-2819 rcoffin@sd27j.net
Ben Dahlman Bond Director 303-655-8897 bdahlman@sd27j.net
Greg Proulx Security Systems Technician gproulx@sd27j.net
Leslie Baca Construction Specialist 720-685-7664 lbaca@sd27j.net