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    Students have discovered often outside school- that new technologies offer excitement and challenges; these technologies, like mobile phones, worldwide interactive gaming, and social networks, are just now finding a place in schools. Interestingly, cognitive science is discovering that the interactive, creative, social, and real-life capabilities of these new technologies are precisely what students need to learn the skills required by today’s world (Gee, 2003; Gee, 2005). Having accepted the possibilities and limitations of technology, students are more prepared than ever to take charge of their own learning.

    One challenge for our current education system is how to prepare students for the future when the half-life of technology is often measured in weeks rather than years and when the stream of new information grows exponentially. The reality is that educational technology has become pervasive, interlinking with every aspect of teaching and learning. To that end, we strive to offer support of learning through multi-paths that strengthen today's learners for tomorrows challenges. 

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