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Melissa Hewitt

My name is Melissa Hewitt. I have taught for 9 years, 4 of them at Second Creek. I have been married to my husband Nate for 14 years. We have two daughters, Presli (9) and Chandlyr (4). We live close within the school community. I absolutely love fall, Coke or Pepsi, red licorice, reading novels, watching movies, camping and gardening!

Birthday: March 5

What are your food allergies/aversions? N/A

What are your favorite places to go shopping? TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, Amazon

What are your favorite restaurants? Texas Road House, Chick Fil A, Fuzzys Tacos & Panera Bread

Who is your favorite author? I love physiological thriller novels - many authors

What are your favorite snack foods? Salty, chips, nuts, & chocolate

What are your favorite candy or sweet treats? Licorice, chocolate and trail mix

What is your favorite hot drink and cold drink? Coffee (French vanilla), sweet tea and coke/Pepsi

What is your favorite college/sports team? Broncos

What is your favorite color(s)? Black, red, grey & white

What is your favorite flower(s)? Sunflowers

What are some items on your classroom wish list? Scholastic books, chart paper, wiggle seats, flexible seating cushions