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Jessica Roach

My name is Jessica, I lived in Florida my whole life up until I moved to Colorado the summer of 2018. I love the heat and the ocean but really do enjoy the mountain views here! I'm a huge animal lover and before I became a mother I was a Veterinary Technician (for 10 yrs) and a nanny on the side. So of course that means I love working with children as well. When my second child was born I decided to be a stay at home mom because she was born with a rare disease. Of course I was terrified but knew we needed to figure this out so she could grow up as healthy as possible. I really enjoyed being a stay at home mom and extended that role when I became a mom of 3! When my kids started school I was very involved with their classes and helping their teachers to the point that the staff felt like family. So when I had the opportunity to join that family I jumped for it. I started working as a para in Special Education. I absolutely love helping the kids and being there for them whenever they need me. While being part of these special kids lives I got the opportunity to adopt my nephew who has special needs of his own and my life can't feel more complete. I'm a super energetic silly person who loves seeing smiles on peoples faces. If they don't have one I might do something silly to make them have one. I love making learning fun! Giggles are definitely food for my soul. A little something extra about me is I have 4 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, a ferret, 4 kids and a hilarious husband. Lets just say there is never a dull moment in the life of Mrs. Jessica.