Informational Days and Nights, Community Meetings, and Kindergarten Roundup

Enrollment and Registration

  • Enrollment can be complex and confusing! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and we can help guide you through the process! You can contact School Secretary Yuliana Perez at 303-655-5105 or email at


    The boundaries for Padilla Elementary School can be found here. You can also use the school boundary locator to check which schools are your home schools. 

    Current 27J Students Living in the Padilla Boundaries

    If you currently live in the Padilla boundaries and attend a 27J elementary school, you child will be automatically enrolled at Padilla Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year. Your child's current school will be reaching out to you to determine if you would like to remin there, or go to Padilla. Preschool students enrolling for kindergarten are excepted, and will need to complete kindergarten enrollment (see below). 

    Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment is for students who DO NOT live in the Padilla boundaries (either in 27J or outside of the district). Open enrollment is now open! Click here to be directed to the district's open enrollment page to apply!


    Preschool enrollment is now open! To enroll for preschool, you must first complete the preschool questionaire found on the preschool wesbsite. Information about who qualifies for preschool can also be found on that website. 


    Kindergarten enrollment is now open! Any familiy wishing to enroll their student in kindergarten (whether or not you live in the Padilla boundaires, and whether or not your child currently attends a 27J preschool) must complete kindergarten enrollment. Click here to register

    New to 27J Schools

    If you have recently moved into the Padilla boundaries from outside of 27J Schools, you will need to complete online registration. Click here to register

    Charter Students

    If you live within the Padilla boundaries and your child currently attends school at a charter school in 27J (Bromley East, Foundations, etc.), please complete this intent to enroll form so that we can reach out to you to begin the process of enrollment!