• Prairie View High School Internship Program

    Research shows that students who are exposed to  work-place experiences while in high school are not only more likely to graduate from high school, but are also more successful in life after high school. It is with this intention that Prairie View High School is seeking businesses to sponsor internship positions for our students. To learn how to sponsor an Internship, contact Jean Schneider at jschneider@sd27j.net

    Advantages for employers to host interns

    1. Employers are exposed to potential employees for positions within their company.
    2. Employers teach students the nature of business, creating potential customers.
    3. Employers encourage students to seek employment, in our community, after post secondary education or enlistment.
    4. Employers make an impact on the lives of our young people.

    Advantages for students to participate in internship

    1. Students are exposed to career options.
    2. Students gain experience in professional settings.
    3. Students learn from community and business leaders.
    4. Students earn two credits towards graduation.

    How internship work?

    1. Employers register to participate and complete Memorandum of Understanding.
    2. Employers participate in three hour intern management training.
    3. Students go through a selection process to participate. Must have 90% attendance rate to participate. Students and parents sign participation agreement.
    4. Students attend three training sessions on professionalism and appropriate interactions in the workplace (Mondays in January or August depending on the semester).
    5. Students and employers participate in a mini job fair where employers interview students who have selected the employer’s industry as an area of interest.
    6. Students are assigned an appropriate internship position.
    7. Students participate in an internship every Monday for eight hours (start and end time based on employer’s business hours) from (February to mid-May OR September to mid-December).
    8. Students check in with internship advisory teacher every other week with an update on internship experience.
    9. Employer meets with internship advisory teacher every three weeks to make sure student is staying on track.
    10. During the last week of the internship, the student, the employer and the internship advisory teacher meet for an exit interview. Employer is welcome to make a job offer to the student at this time, if appropriate. 

    For more information - contact Jean Schneider, PVHS Business Teacher at jschneider@sd27j.net