• 27J Schools Induction and Mentoring Goals:

    • To gain and develop a sense of ownership and empowerment by recognizing the supportive culture or our District and community.
    • To gain an understanding of the District's student achievement goals, the Thinking Classroom and GELL (Goal, Evidence and Learning Experiences/Environment).
    • To participate in a variety of collaborative learning experiences to increase capacity and understanding.



    Our district induction program is designed to provide you with the support and training necessary to transition into your new environment smoothly.  We have designed our program to not only align with the current Colorado Teacher Quality and Specialized Service Standards but to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of what an effective educator looks and sounds like in our District. 

    27J Schools induction is designed for educators new to our district, whether they hold an initial or professional license. Meetings with mentors will be differentiated for initial and professional license holders. These requirements fall under the recommended best practices of a CDE-approved district induction program. Four days of New Educator Orientation (Two before school starts, two throughout the year) provide ongoing support from a mentor and/or coach in your building



    Support from a mentor in each learning site, as well as specially trained district mentors for counselors, special educators/SSPs, and electives teachers. 

    Mentors build positive, reciprocal relationships with newly hired 27J educators for the purpose of establishing an environment of trust and collaboration as well as providing emotional support.

    Mentors assist new teachers with effective classroom management strategies, resources, materials, tools, information, etc. to support classroom instruction and planning.

    Mentors help new staff members assimilate into the culture of the school.

    Mentors participate in a monthly Authentic Learning Team facilitated by the Professional Learning Instructional Specialist.

    To learn more, please browse our Professional Learning page.