WEB Leaders work hard to help support our incoming 6th graders in their transition to middle school. The goals of our Web program are that 6th graders feel connected, have an older student they can contact if they need help, and that 6th graders start school feeling ready and like they belong.
    Web leaders are role models in all areas of our school. They have the opportunity to be one of the first interactions 6th graders have when they arrive at Quist. Web leaders are 8th students (and a few select 7th graders) who are knowledgeable about middle school, and Quist specifically.
    Web leaders guide students in living and learning the ROYAL way. They organize monthly lessons and events to continue their connection with 6th graders for the entire school year. Web Leaders provide our new ROYALS with a sense of security and encouragement from the first day they arrive at our school. Web leaders make a difference in the lives of our students and work hard to build the culture of our school.
    Think Web might be for you? Listen for announcements and look for posters about the application process every March.
    Have questions? Please reach out to Mrs. Petersen (cpetersen@sd27j.net