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    AVID is an amazing Elective program: 

    What AVID Is:

    • An acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination 
    • An academic elective program for grades 9 – 12 that supports and prepares students for college eligibility and success
    • A curriculum designed to enhance students’ skills in using writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, critical reading, note-taking, and study habits.    
    • College students are in the classroom twice a week to facilitate student tutorial groups 
    • Field trips are taken to universities in the area.  
    • Guest speakers and motivational activities are also important components to the class.


    Who is an AVID Student?
    AVID students are students in the academic middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path with support.  In the identification process a number of criteria are considered, including:


    • Desire and Determination – students don’t have to already know what college and what career they are shooting for; they just need the desire and determination to explore those options and work hard toward building the habits now that will help them reach any goal.


    • Middle to high scores on state tests
    • Grades above a 2.5 overall GPA and no F’s in a core class 
    • Good Citizenship and Attendance
    • First in Family to Attend College
    • Historically Underrepresented in 4-year Colleges
    • Economically Disadvantaged
    • Other Special Circumstances

    While all of the criteria are considered for acceptance into the program, no single criteria will necessarily eliminate a student from consideration.  


    Once Selected for AVID, What are the Student Requirements?

    AVID students must:

    • Attend an AVID elective class and enroll in a rigorous course load that matches their abilities and interests
    • Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes
    • Maintain the AVID binder with assignment/grade record sheets and daily notes in all classes
    • Complete all homework assignments and commit to studying every night
    • Maintain a 2.0 overall GPA with C’s or above in core classes

    What AVID Is Not:

    • A remedial program
    • A drop-out prevention program
    • A school within a school
    • A quick fix
    • An affirmative action program


    What Do AVID Students Say About the Program?

    • Avid has given me a standard to strive for.
    • Avid has really opened my eyes to what is out there, especially with regard to college.  AVID opens doors.
    • Cornell notes organize your notes in a way so that they are easy to read and make the most important information stand out.
    • Believe it or not, taking notes helps you remember the concepts and information better than just listening
    • Tutorials are also a big thing because instead of just guessing on my questions and not getting help, tutorials help with working with others who understand the concepts and getting information from every perspective.   
    • Avid helps you accomplish the goals you set.
    • I use my planner way more than I would have without the push of my teacher or peers; my planner holds everything and without it my school life would fall apart.
    • Study skills help you to rock tests because they help with every aspect of studying: amount of time to spend, how to go about it, and when to do it throughout the week.
    • Organization helps to be a better student because everything is where it’s needed and that makes it easier to look for things.  
    • Tutorials have helped me get together with people with the same classes so we can help each other out by explaining what we understand and helping each other to understand.
    • Somehow, you [the AVID teacher] also taught me how to put myself out there…what you really taught me was how to work and communicate well with others, how to communicate and not argue.  
    • Avid is like a whole package because you learn so much but you also gain so much support and most importantly you gain a family.
    • Now for each class I am as prepared as a space-shuttle preparing for a launch to the moon. 


    We still have openings for 9th and 10th grade Elective classes for the 20-21 school year.

    Follow the links to find out more.



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