• Hi y’all.  My name is Marcelle Hendricks.  I used to be Marcelle Rosales, but my husband wouldn’t succumb to pressure and take my maiden name when we married so I downgraded.  I am a kindergarten para, but have had many jobs and developed many skills over the years.  For example, I can tell the difference between fake and real diamonds.  I can identify what karat of gold in any fine jewelry.  I can tell you ten things that you can do in a restaurant that will almost guarantee that someone will spit in your food.  I can change 10 diapers in 15 minutes.  I can tie a karate belt and groom a horse.  I can curse fluently in my head.  Lastly, like most teaching staff, I can read and right upside down. 

    I look forward to working with your child and teaching them everything that I know.