• Raptor Cafe is the place to receive academic support, getting help navigating our learning, as well as accessing the support available to you. 


    Raptor Cafe Information Document

    Purpose: The PURPOSE of Raptor Cafe is to provide a universal and/or targeted opportunity for students to receive general support related to technology, Google Classroom navigation, communication with teachers, organization, grade checks and general assignment questions, including CER writing structure, locating resources and moving through stuck points. 

    Raptor Cafe staff role: The role of Raptor Cafe staff is to support students with questions related to needs outlined in the purpose statement as well as to act as a liaison between teacher and student.

    How should Raptor Cafe be utilized: Raptor Cafe is a Universal tier 1 support and can also be used as a more targeted tier 2 support.  

    What is the difference between Raptor Cafe and teacher office hours?: Raptor Cafe is different from teacher office hours in that teacher office hours should be utilized for students who need support with scaffolding, teaching and/or reteaching of content whereas Raptor Cafe should be utilized for the more general purposes articulated in the purpose statement.  Students who attend Raptor Cafe but need extensive content support will be referred to the content teacher.


    What Raptor Cafe is… 

    What Raptor Cafe is Not...

    Live teacher support


    Universal support- available to all students

    Teaching and/or reteaching of content

    Targeted support- An Intervention for students who are struggling with any of the following

    A punishment

    Google Classroom navigation support


    General technology support


    Organizational support


    Support with stuck points


    Support for communicating with teachers


    Grade check support


    CER/writing structure support


    Time to complete missing assignments in a structured environment


    A place to get help with finding missing assignments


    A place to get help with locating and accessing resources to support academics


    A place to get answers to general assignment questions




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