• Raptor Cafe is the place to receive academic support, getting help navigating our learning, as well as accessing the support available to you. 

    Purpose: The purpose of Raptors Cafe is to provide students with additional support to navigate make up/missing work or additional help. This is a targeted universal support for all students. Raptors Cafe is NOT meant for individual tutoring, reteaching of content, or a punishment.

    Raptor Cafe staff role: The role of Raptor Cafe staff is to support students with questions related to needs outlined in the purpose statement as well as to act as a liaison between teacher and student.

    How should Raptor Cafe be utilized: Raptor Cafe is a Universal tier 1 support and can also be used as a more targeted tier 2 support.  


    Link to access Raptor Cafe Virtually every Friday: Meeting Link HERE



    What Raptor Cafe is… 

    What Raptor Cafe is Not...

    Live teacher support


    Universal support- available to all students

    Teaching and/or reteaching of content

    Targeted support- An Intervention for students who are struggling with any of the following

    A punishment

    Google Classroom navigation support


    General technology support


    Organizational support


    Support with stuck points


    Support for communicating with teachers


    Grade check support


    CER/writing structure support


    Time to complete missing assignments in a structured environment


    A place to get help with finding missing assignments


    A place to get help with locating and accessing resources to support academics


    A place to get answers to general assignment questions




    Stuart Student Technology Support Protocol 


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