• Girls Basketball

    Stuart Middle School


    Practice/ Game Information:

      • Practice will begin January 6th, 2022 at 4:45pm in the Main Gym
      • The girls will practice on Wednesdays and Fridays with games on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless there is a bye…look at schedule)
      • All practices will start at 4:45pm and will end no later than 6:15pm


    • There will be no parents allowed at practices


      • When you pick up your student from practice, please pick up your student in the back of the building (where the buses pick up students, no one will be allowed to be picked up in the front of the school.) 6:20pm-6:30pm as pick up time. (please do your best to pick up your student no later than 6:30pm as our coaches have other responsibilities as well and want to make it home at a reasonable time. 
      • All games will begin at 5:00pm, whether the game is at home or away
      • On away games, students will be getting out of class at 3:45pm, and the bus will leave no later than 4:10pm. (It is your students responsibility to communicate with teacher to receive any work they might miss when leaving for games early)
      • All students will ride the bus to away games, if you choose to take your student home after the game, you must sign the player release form that the coaches will have. 


    • Parents MUST wear a mask at all home and away games, this is a requirement by the individual schools and 27J, if you do not wear a mask or do not have one with you, you will be asked to leave. 



    Locker Rooms:

    • Each girl will be assigned a locker and locker combination lock, in the girls athletics locker room, by Tuesday January 11th. 
    • Girls will store all of their belongings in their own locker. (If students need to get into locker room before school to drop equipment off, the locker room will be open from 8:15am-8:30am)
    • Locker room will be locked throughout the rest of the day and will be locked at the end of practice and games. 


    Grading/ Eligibility Policy:

    • Students are not allowed to have a “D” or an “F” on their grade reports
    • The first grade pull of the season will be Thursday January 13th.


    How eligibility works:

      1. Students' grades will be pulled at 2:30pm, every Thursday starting January 13th. 
      2. If a student has a “D” or “F” on their grade report they will be considered ineligible for the following week (Thursday- Thursday)
      3. A secondary grade report will be pulled on the following Tuesday of the initial grade report at 9:00am. This means that students will have from Thursday of the initial grade pull to the next Tuesday in order to increase their grade from a “D” or “F”.
      4. If your student still has a “D” or an “F” They will continue to still be ineligible until the following grade report. 
      5. If your student did not have a “D” or an “F” on the initial grade pull (Thursday) BUT has a “D” or an “F” on the secondary grade pull (Tuesday), they will STILL be considered eligible with the understanding that they only have two days until the initial grade pull for the next week. 


    • *If your student is on the ineligibility list THREE times, they will be dismissed from the team*



    Team Makeup:

    • There will be two separate teams:
    1. A-Team: The A-Team will be the more competitive team. 
    2. B-Team: The B-Team will be the developmental team.
    • These teams will be made by the coaches after the first week of practice. The students will go through an extensive tryout during the first week of practice and be put on the corresponding teams based on the players skill level and understanding of the game of basketball.
    • NOTE: Teams are always subject to change, just because your student is on the A or B Team does not mean they will stay there for the entirety of the season. This will be done at the coaches discretion as we provide a program that routinely assesses and rewards effort, growth, attendance, attitude and accountability. 


    Playing Time:

    • Playing time will be held at the coaches discretion; for both the A-Team and B-Team a 5th quarter will always happen (unless the other team or ourselves do not have the players to play the 5th quarter) either before the game or after the game. 
    • Coaches will always do their best to try and get everyone they can into each game but one thing I want to emphasize is that playing time is NOT GUARANTEED on the A-Team or the B-Team. 
    • If you have questions about playing time or want to discuss why your student is not playing as much, please email the head coach of your students specific team.


    Game and Practice Dress Code:

    • All students will be given a jersey for games, game jerseys should NOT be used for practice.
    • These jerseys are the students responsibility, if the jersey is lost, there will be a charge to replace the jersey.
    • Jerseys need to be washed at home, we will not provide washing at the school.
    • We ask that all students have black shorts, if you need assistance in this please email me directly. 
    • Basketball shoes are a priority as it is a safety issue for your student. Please do your best in providing the proper footwear for your student. We will accept any type of shoe that has laces and a solid sole. (Boots, sandals, shoes with no laces will NOT be acceptable and will result in sitting for practices and games). If you need assistance with shoes, please email me directly. 
    • Please make sure your student has the appropriate attire for practices. (T-Shirt, no spaghetti straps, shorts, sweatpants, leggings and proper athletic shoes) Students will NOT be allowed to practice in jeans or improper shoe attire.