The Brighton High School Counseling Department strives to create a welcoming environment.  We support students in the areas of career, academic, and personal/social development.  


    The Pennock Center for Counseling is offering a Teen Hangout Group every Monday, beginning October 4 and running through November 15, at 4 pm. This is a free opportunity to get support on things such as school, friendship, family, stress, anxiety and peer pressure. Click here for more information and to sign up! 



    Counseling Department / Home  Jenna Alba  -  Student Last Names A-Cop 

        jalba@sd27j.net    303-655-4153 


    Counseling Department / Home  Jeanne Thompson  -  Student Last Names Cor-Go

        jmthompson@sd27j.net    303-655-4154     


    Counseling Department / Home  Ryan Sullivan  -  Student Last Names Gr-L

        rsullivan@sd27j.net    303-655-4144    


      Jolene Shedeed  -  Student Last Names M-Pam

        jshedeed@sd27j.net    303-655-4239    


    Counseling Department / Home  Jill Woodford  -  Student Last Names Pan-Sc

        jwoodford@sd27j.net    303-655-4188   


    Counseling Department / Home  Vicki Powell  -  Student Last Names Se-Z

        vpowell@sd27j.net    303-655-4159   









    Students and/or parents may schedule an appointment by clicking on the counselor's calendar link 
    or by calling the Counseling Secretary, Elizabeth Morales,
    at 303-655-4207.
    For transcript requests, contact Kathy Vickery,
    Registrar, at 303-655-4157.
    Fax: 303-655-4183

    Records requests, transcripts, and education verification click here

    For new enrollment and registration click here 


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