Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Chelsea Laursen

Hello!  My name is Ms. Laursen.  I have had the pleasure of teaching many subjects through out my years of teaching; English, German, Physical Education, and ELA.  However, English has always been my true home.  I started my journey of enlightening young minds in Nebraska where I taught English for four years while getting my Master's in Counseling.  I decided to back to my native state of Colorado.  I taught at Manual High School for three years before I made my permanent residence here at Brighton High School.  I love teaching at Brighton High School and the community reminds me of my hometown of Longmont.  This may surprise some of you, but I have another passion other than English......Tennis.   I am the Head Coach of the Boys and Girls' Tennis teams at BHS.  Aside from reading and playing tennis, I love spending time with my puppy, Bear.  I also love traveling and exploring new cultures and places in person.  I enjoy taking students to new places like Brighton's Sister City, Ziebice, Poland.  Throughout the year, I am hoping to learn more about each and every one of you!