Ms. van der Wal &  Mr.Wade

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Ms. van der Wal & Mr.Wade

Ms. vanderWal: My mind spins as I prepare to teach this year.  There is so much I want to do! I remember way back when... when I was in science class in 7th grade. My teacher's name was Mr. Spangler and he was sooo good looking.  That year was the beginning of my self-efficacy and my established determination to become who I am today. I loved science, discovery, the human mind and body, and the mental push to grasp it all. Science made me think deeper, connect simple things to complex ideas, to imagine the unknown and to truly see the world as a different place.  I remember when I really began to see the atoms as they made up the air, the table, the floor and me...WOW!! I loved science back then and continue to greatly appriciate the scientific mind today. As your 7th grade teacher, I promise to give you my best  and may this year be the turning point in your life direction!

Mr. Wade: