Mrs Cabrera's science class
  • Mrs. Teren Cabrera

    Born and raised in New York State, I grew up in Poughkeepsie and graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics.  I initially set out to become an audio engineer because of my interest in music, but fell in love with the science I learned along the way.  I haven’t fully abandoned the music, however, as I still play guitar and sing as a hobby.

    I moved to Colorado shortly after graduating from college and attended CU Boulder earning my Master’s in Instruction and Curriculum, with a specific focus in secondary science education. It was here that I met my amazing husband, worked as a Taekwondo Instructor and played Ultimate Frisbee for Colorado Kali.  If you don’t know what Ultimate Frisbee is, I suggest you check it out – don’t confuse it with Disc Golf or a game for dogs. :)

    In 2009 Otho E. Stuart opened, and I began my teaching career.  Of all the hobbies and interests I’ve encountered through my life, my passion for teaching and learning surmounts them all.  Other than spending time with my husband and daughter, there is nothing I love more than watching students grow and learn over the course of the school year.

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  • What's the point?

    Welcome to Mrs. Cabrera's site! There is a lot of information for you to learn in science, and the best way for you to learn it is to experience it.  From time to time you will see videos and links to other sites that you will need to use to be successful.  My hope is that both this class and this website help you gather a greater appreciation for the world and how things work.


    We can't learn if we don't question.

  • Our Class 

    We are working towards a classroom culture where students come in ready to ask questions and get into deep discussions about science and how things work.  In order to attain this culture, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you check this website regularly for homework videos and articles that will get you thinking and prompt you to ask good questions!

    What is a "flipped classroom"?

    My classroom is using a modified Flipped Classroom Model.  Over time you will notice a shift in classwork and homework so that we can work towards a system where every student is receiving the individualized instruction that they need.

    To learn a little more about the Flipped Classroom Model watch this video: