This is the time of year when most electronics are purchased or received as gifts. One of the questions the sales clerk always asks is

    do you want the Service Plan or Extended Warranty?


    Here is my take on the issue.


    If the plan is $2 - $5 for a household item that is electrical and you have replaced the item already once in the last 12-18 months then chances are a replacement warranty for a few bucks is probably worth it.


    Cars of course are a breed of their own.


    Now Smartphones, Laptops, and tablets, this is my opinion:

    The companies that sell these devices have their own policies, which you should check out, but from my experience, their warranties or insurance are less to be desired.


    The school district gets a discount from Worth Ave Group, which caters to adults and students of K12 education. Their policies are straight forward -  you pay the one price, if anything happens, file the claim, pay the deductible and get a check within a week. https://www.worthavegroup.com/product


    Square trade also does warranties, however they only cover malfunctions, they do not cover thefts and their deductible is higher.


    Below is a comparison for a $500 laptop.


    The other good thing about Worth Ave is they will cover your current device, just check their website.



    I’m definitely not an expert but if you have any questions I will try to answer them the best I can.