• PVHS Art Club:
    WHO can join?
          Any student interested in making art or being creative
    WHAT will you do?
          We will create projects, investigate art materials not used in the main art classes, participate in contests, meet with colleges about after-high-school options and attend field trips to studios and museums.
    WHEN & WHERE do you meet?
          We meet every other week on Wedensday and Friday. Meeting are held in room A113 Our meetings are AFTER school from 4:45 to 6:00. 
    WHY not join us and see what you can create?!
    The club sponsor is Ms. E.Castor and Mr. D Martin, you can contact our emails by clicking on the hyperlinked names.
    Telephone number is 303-655-8840
  • Meeting Dates for Fall Semester 2022

    Art club meets every OTHER week on 

    WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS in room A113

    After school 4:30 - 6:00 

    W-Sept. 28 & F-Sept. 30
    W-Oct. 12 & F-Oct.14     
    (NO MEETING since students do not report on that Friday due to end of Quarter 1)
    W- Oct. 25 & F- Oct. 28
    W- Nov. 9 & F- Nov. 11
    W- Nov. 30 & F- Dec. 2
    W- Dec. 14 & F- Dec. 16