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Administrative Guidelines Crisis Management: KDE-R

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Administrative Guidelines Crisis Management: KDE-R
  1. Detailed crisis management plans will be maintained for each school or department in the district. These plans are the responsibility of the principal or the supervisor or director responsible for the department or the school. These plans will be updated and reviewed with all staff members annually. The Superintendent’s Office and the Office of the Chief Operations Officer are to be provided copies of each school or department’s crisis management plan within the first thirty (30) days of the school year.
  2. The appropriate principal or department supervisor or director shall be the person responsible for crisis coordination.
  3. The crisis coordinator is responsible for delegating responsibilities such as media contact, communications, or other tasks occurring during a crisis.
  4. Plans will be made for follow-up with students and staff affected by the crisis. On-going support should be provided for any individuals involved as needed.
  5. Careful documentation of crisis events is the responsibility of the crisis coordinator. Following the crisis, when the normal routine has been reestablished, a written report detailing the events of the crisis is to be sent to the Superintendent and the crisis coordinator’s immediate supervisor.
  6. During any crisis, cooperation among those individuals and agencies providing support is extremely important. District employees will cooperate with representatives of other agencies, such as the police or fire department or other agencies assisting with the crisis in any way.
  7. Communication of accurate information is extremely important in any crisis. A single individual shall be delegated by the crisis coordinator to handle communication efforts. Those involved must be careful to provide appropriate information to the media, community members, staff members and anyone in a position to answer questions of the public. Accurate information shall be provided to the Superintendent’s Office on a regular basis during a crisis.