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Bus Driver Training - Testing: EEAEA

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Bus Driver Training - Testing: EEAEA

The requirements of School District 27 J bus drivers include but are not limited to:

  1. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  2. Possess a valid Colorado driver's license.
  3. Possess a valid Colorado school bus driver's license.
  4. Possess a valid First Aid card within 90 days after employment as a bus driver. Must be renewed every three years.
  5. Must complete District 27 J's initial training program, and subsequent annual training programs. Driving skills will be evaluated by the Driver/training and Safety Instructor semi-annually.
  6. Must pass an annual physical examination administered by a licensed physician.
  7. Must have and maintain a safe driving record. A safe driving record shall mean no more than 12 moving violation/infraction points as established by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Division in the last 3 years, and no DUI or DWI in the last 3 years. Semi-annual driving record checks shall be made by the Transportation Department.
  8. Shall keep informed and comply with all laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to school bus drivers.
  9. Shall wear the prescribed uniform while on duty.
  10.  Must abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol on duty or at any time which would affect his/her ability to operate a school bus. If drug or alcohol use is suspected, he/she will be required to take a blood test. A positive test result will mean immediate dismissal.

Violation of any of the above listed requirements for a School District 27 J bus driver shall be grounds for disciplinary action and/or dismissal.