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Classified Staff Recruiting: GDE-R

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Classified Staff Recruiting: GDE-R

Background Checks

Prior to hiring, the Human Resource office will:

  1. Check with the Colorado Department of Education to determine if there is any information on record indicating the applicant has been engaged in unlawful behavior involving a child which must be reported to the Colorado Department of Education by law.
  2. Insure contact with previous employers of the applicant to obtain information or recommendations relevant to the applicant’s fitness for employment.


  1. As a prerequisite to employment, all applicants for support staff positions must submit a complete set of fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency and a notarized, completed oath as required by state law.
  2. On the oath the applicant must certify either that he/she has never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor charge, not including any misdemeanor traffic office, or that he/she has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor charge (not including any misdemeanor traffic offense). The certificate must specify the felony or misdemeanor, the date of conviction and the court entering judgment.
  3. The school district will release the fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for processing.
  4. Although an applicant may be conditionally employed prior to receiving the results, he/she may be terminated if the results are inconsistent with the information provided on the form.
  5. The school district will charge the applicant a fee established by State Statute to cover the direct and indirect costs of fingerprint processing.