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Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities: JJ-R

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Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities: JJ-R

1. When a group of students wishes to organize a school-sponsored organization or club, a representative or representatives of the group must submit the following information to the building principal or his designee for approval:

  • a. The proposed name of the club or organization.
  • b. A statement of the purpose of the club or organization.
  • c. A description of the goals and objectives of the club or organization.
  • d. A description of qualifications for membership.
  • e. The name of a school staff member who agreed to sponsor the club or organization.

2. The principal or his designee will, within two weeks after receiving the request, give a written reply to the group representative, tentatively approving the request, denying the request or suggesting modifications.

  • a. Following tentative approval, the group will proceed with step 3 below.
  • b. Following denial, the group may revise the proposal and begin again with step 1 above.
  • c. Following a suggestion for modification, the group may modify the proposal and begin again with step 1 above.

3. Following tentative approval from the principal or his designee, the proposal and the principal's reply will be given to the student council for approval. The student council may tentatively approve, deny or suggest modification of the proposal, each in a written reply. With denial or suggestion for modification, the proposal can be rewritten and submitted again to the student council.

4. The proposal and the approvals from the principal and the student council will be given to the principal for final work in establishing the group as a school-sponsored club organization.

Standards for Use in Approving Proposed Clubs

The following standards shall apply for approving proposed clubs. The club shall have:

  1. A purpose that is consistent with the philosophy of the school district and within established Board policy.
  2. Goals and objectives which are clearly defined and consistent with the stated purpose.
  3. Membership regulations which do not violate an individual’s civil rights and which provide equal opportunity for all students to belong.
  4. Sponsorship by a responsible member(s) of the school staff.