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Community Use School Facilities: KF

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Community Use School Facilities: KF

The Superintendent of School District 27J endorses the concept of maximum use of school facilities by citizens and community agencies during times when such use does not conflict with regular schoolsponsored activities.

Inasmuch as the annual school budget for operation and maintenance includes funds primarily for operating school facilities for the school's educational programs, other uses of buildings and/or grounds must be financed from revenue derived from fees for usage.

Permission to use buildings and facilities shall not constitute an endorsement of any organization or group or beliefs of any such organization nor the expression of any opinion regarding the nomination, retention, election or defeat of any candidate nor the expression of any opinion as to the passage or defeat of any issue.

The Superintendent reserves the right to refuse approval or to cancel any and all agreements issued for the use of buildings or facilities when it is deemed that such action is in the best interest of the district. Buildings and facilities will not be made available to those organizations which discriminate based on age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, political affiliation, ability to pay or in any other manner.

School building equipment designed for use in specific situations is not to be a part of building usage unless explicitly agreed upon by the administrative authority responsible for such equipment and the organization requesting the use of such equipment.

The use of tracks, tennis courts, playground equipment, parking lots and ball fields (hardball and softball) shall be restricted to the purpose for which they are designed.

Licensed vehicles shall be restricted to established roadways and parking lots. Non-licensed motorized vehicles and horses are not permitted on school property.