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Construction Contracts Bidding and Award: FED-R

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Construction Contracts Bidding and Award: FED-R

An appropriate construction approach will be selected for each capital improvement project after funding has been approved and during the planning stage for the project.

Construction Approaches

The construction approaches considered may include:

  1. Traditional design/bid/construct approach utilizing a pre-qualified list of contractors
  2. Traditional design/bid/construct approach utilizing an open bid process
  3. Construction manager/general contractor
  4. Construction manager
  5. Design build team
  6. Cost of the work plus a fee

Qualification/Selection Process

The method of qualifying and selecting contractors will vary for specific projects depending on the construction approach. The factors that will be considered in the qualification/selection process are:

  1. History of firm's performance and management capabilities
  2. Geographic location of firm's office
  3. Length of time firm has been in business
  4. Length of time firm has worked in Denver metro area
  5. Qualifications and experience of staff
  6. Type, complexity and value of projects completed by firm
  7. Reputation of performance with owners, architects/engineers and the local construction industry
  8. Experience in work with the district and other school districts
  9. Financial strength and responsibility as reflected in financial statements, working capital and timely disbursements of payments
  10. Bonding ability and bonding company
  11. Responses from references

Contract Document Sections

The district will develop and maintain the following standard contract document sections for construction contracts:

  1. Invitation to bid
  2. Instructions to bidders
  3. Bid bond form
  4. Performance bond form
  5. Labor and material payment bond form
  6. Construction agreement
  7. General conditions of the contract

A performance bond and a labor and material payment bond will be required in the amount of 100% of the contract amount for all contracts exceeding $50,000 value.

Approval of Contracts and Expenditures

Staff is authorized to negotiate, execute and award contracts for expenditures for capital construction projects provided the funding for all such awards and or contracts are available within project budgets previously established by the Superintendent.

A list of all contracts and/or expenditures awarded by staff for capital construction projects in excess of $100,000 shall be provided to the Superintendent on a monthly basis.