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Construction Plans and Specifications: FED

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Construction Plans and Specifications: FED

The District recognizes that the physical environment within a school is important to learning and staff performance. The District will endeavor to secure adequate capital funds to maintain a high level of quality for all District facilities that meet current program needs. Facility improvements shall be designed to promote:

  1. The attainment of stated educational goals.
  2. A comfortable environment that enhances learning and human performance.
  3. Flexibility of spatial arrangement that is conducive to restructuring of spaces to meet changing program needs, methods of instruction and learning styles without having a major impact on building systems or requiring major renovation.
  4. A stimulating, roomy environment that is inviting to students, staff, parents and the community.
  5. Appropriate spaces for the special needs of students and staff.
  6. The adaptation of facilities for use of educational technology.
  7. Collegiality and professionalism among staff.
  8. Maximum life-cycle value.
  9. Community use and involvement.
  10. Economical and efficient operation and maintenance.

Design for Capital Improvement Projects

The District is responsible for coordinating the design for all capital improvement projects. Private design consultants shall be retained for project design except for design of small or specialty projects which can be efficiently and economically performed by qualified employees. The design coordination effort shall endeavor to:

  1. Assure design compliance with applicable building codes, and applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
  2. Design facilities or facility improvements that provide comfort throughout the year.
  3. Utilize a participatory planning process during design.
  4. Provide for periodic and final review of design documents by appropriate District personnel and regulatory agencies.
  5. Adhere to the project scope and budget.
  6. Achieve efficient, functional, and economical designs.
  7. Adhere to the educational and technical guidelines.