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Curriculum Development: IGA

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Curriculum Development: IGA

Constant adaptation and development of the curriculum is necessary if the district is to meet the needs of a standards-based curriculum and the students in its schools. The subject matter of the curriculum shall be developed at the district level in accordance with the state and district’s content standards and the laws and the regulations of the Colorado Department of Education. The curriculum shall be subject to approval by the Superintendent.

To be successful, curriculum development must be a cooperative enterprise involving staff members, carried out under the competent leadership of the superintendent, and using available resources. Carefully conducted and supervised experimentation for curriculum development also is desirable.

The curriculum shall provide a program of instruction based on and designed to enable students to meet or exceed the Superintendent-adopted content standards for student performance. In order to meet the needs of all students, a variety of educational programs and instructional strategies shall be offered.

The Superintendent directs its faculty and administration to evaluate the education program regularly and to recommend modifications of practice and changes in curriculum content as well as the addition of new courses to the instructional program. The Superintendent shall receive regular reports on district programs as well as the ongoing work of the curriculum committees.

All teachers have professional obligations to the school program beyond regular classroom duties, and these duties shall include work on curriculum committees. It is required that all teachers make a contribution to this work, and that all teachers assume responsibility for understanding the scope and aims of the curricular program. Significant departures from the approved curriculum shall not be made without approval of the building administrator/ Superintendent who shall report such variation to the Board.