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Delay of Closing - Emergency School Closing - Delayed Start Schedule: EBCE-R

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Delay of Closing - Emergency School Closing - Delayed Start Schedule: EBCE-R

A. Decision Regarding School Closure or a Delayed Start Schedule

  • The Superintendent of Schools will, after receiving input from the Transportation Director and other County officials, make the decision regarding the closure of school in emergency situations or the implementation of the delayed start schedule.

B. Communication of the Need for School Closure or a Delayed Start Schedule

  • After arriving at the decision to close schools for a specified day or time period or a delayed start schedule, the communication of the school closure or delayed start schedule message will be accomplished by a telephone tree established by the Superintendent and disseminated to appropriate District officials. News media will also be alerted.

As early in the morning as possible the District office and all school offices will change the recording on the phone system to announce school closures or delays.

C. Activities during school closure

  • In the event school is closed, during the day or at the beginning of the day, all scheduled activities in the school building will be canceled for the day.
  • If weather permits, it will be the building administration’s decision if any practice will be permitted during the day.

D. Delayed Start Schedule: TWO (2) HOUR DELAY

If a delayed schedule is announced, the following schedules will pertain:


  • Bus pickup and school starting time will be approximately two hours later than usual.


  • Depending on weather conditions, buses will depart elementary schools at the regular time and should arrive at their stops as normally scheduled.
  • Afternoon kindergarten/pre-school classes may be canceled. If there is school, students will be picked up at the normal time and transported to school as scheduled. 


  • Depending on the severity of conditions, field trips and athletic trips may be modified or canceled.
  • Depending on the severity of conditions, middle and high schools may have to dismiss bus riders at 2:00 P.M. (approximately ½ hour early). Elementary Schools will be dismissed at regular times.

E. Expectations of School District Personnel on School Delays and Closings

  • Delayed Start: All staff members are requested to report as close to their regular start time as is safely possible.
  • School Cancelled: Staff members are not expected to report to work on days school is cancelled. However, the principals, and other personnel identified by the building principal, should be on duty at the regular time to handle situations caused by the cancellation of school.
  • In extreme weather conditions, essential personnel are expected to work regular hours unless work schedule is modified by supervisor. Essential personnel includes: administrators, managers, kitchen supervisors, and maintenance/buildings/grounds personnel, with the exception of the Facilities Technician.
  • Secretaries and Custodians will work as needed at the discretion of their supervisor.
  • In the event school is closed and dismissed early, all employees will be dismissed as soon as possible and will be paid for the day.
  • Principals will develop a snow day procedure detailing: (1) who is required to be present, (2) their specific duties.