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Employee Protection: GBGB

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Employee Protection: GBGB

Instances of assault upon, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, knowingly false allegation(s) of child abuse against, or any alleged offense under the Colorado Criminal Code directed toward a school employee or instances of damage occurring on school district premises to the personal property of a school employee shall be reported by the offended employee to the administration, who shall forward such information to the Superintendent.

The administration shall investigate and report the incident to the appropriate local law enforcement agency or office, if appropriate.

If an employee receives an injury resulting from a job related encounter or altercation, the employee shall be entitled to temporary paid leave. The employee may be granted up to and including 10 paid days temporary leave to be used specifically for recovery from injury resulting from the encounter. Such paid leave must be requested and approved by the employee's doctor and filed in the superintendent's office. In the event that 10 days temporary paid leave is not sufficient for recuperation and additional days are recommended by the doctor, the matter shall be referred to the Superintendent for action. Such paid leave shall be granted over and above the regular temporary leave.