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Employee References: GBLA

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Employee References: GBLA

When requested by a prospective employer, the district may provide employment reference information relating to a current or former employee. The district will communicate personnel data confirming the employee’s positions held and dates of service and may also provide qualitative information based upon the employee’s written performance evaluations and other relevant information held by the district. Formal evaluations of a certificated teacher may be provided only with the consent of the teacher. The district, in its discretion, may require that the current or former employee provide an authorization to release information as a condition for providing employment reference information or may decline to provide employment reference information.

Authority to provide employment reference information on behalf of the district is limited to the Superintendent, Chief Officers, directors, classified supervisors, school principals and assistant principals. No employees, other than the Superintendent, Chief Officers, directors, classified supervisors, school principals and assistant principals, will give an employment reference on behalf of the district unless specifically authorized by the Superintendent or Chief Officers.

Employees who choose to give personal letters of recommendation may do so in their individual capacity only and should clarify in their communication that they do not speak on behalf of the district. Unauthorized use of letterhead or stationery of the district or of a school or department of the district by an employee to provide a letter of recommendation or other employment reference information is prohibited. In accordance with State Board of Education Rule R7-2- 1308, no employee will provide a written or oral recommendation to assist in the professional certification or employment of a person whom the employee knows to be unqualified to hold the position sought or whom the employee reasonably believes may pose a danger to students or coworkers.

The superintendent will adopt regulations as necessary to implement this policy.