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Equal Educational Opportunities: JB

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Equal Educational Opportunities: JB

Every student of this school district shall have equal educational opportunities through programs offered in the school district regardless of race, color, ancestry, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, marital status, disability or need for special education services.

This concept of equal educational opportunity shall guide the Board and staff in making decisions related to school district facilities, selection of educational materials, equipment, curriculum and regulations affecting students. Students with identified physical and mental impairments that constitute disabilities shall be provided with a free appropriate public education, consistent with the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations.

In order to ensure that district programs are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Board directs the superintendent or designee(s) to periodically monitor the following areas:

  1. Curriculum and materials - review curriculum guides, textbooks and supplemental materials for discriminatory bias.
  2. Training - provide training for students and staff to identify and alleviate problems of discrimination.
  3. Student access - review programs, activities and practices to ensure that all students have equal access and are not segregated except when permissible by law or regulation.
  4. District support - ensure that district resources are equitably distributed among school programs including but not limited to staffing and compensation, facilities, equipment and related matters.
  5. Student evaluation instruments - review tests, procedures and guidance and counseling materials for stereotyping and discrimination.
  6. Discipline - review discipline records and any relevant data to ensure the equitable implementation and application of Board discipline policies.