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Expense Reimbursements: DKC

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Expense Reimbursements: DKC

The Superintendent shall reimburse employees and Board members within annual budgetary limitations for certain expenses incurred on behalf of the district.

Employees shall be reimbursed for expenses associated with mileage for in-state and out-of-state travel incurred in the course of conducting necessary and legitimate District business that is properly authorized, reasonable and appropriately documented in accordance with administrative guidelines and procedures established by the Finance Department. The Finance Department’s administrative guidelines and procedures shall conform to all applicable IRS regulations.

Personnel and officials who incur preapproved expenses while carrying out their authorized duties shall be reimbursed by the district upon submission of a properly filled out and approved voucher and such supporting receipts as required by the administrator responsible for business affairs. Such expenses shall be approved and incurred in line with budgetary allocations for the specific type of expenses. An itemized expense voucher shall be completed and signed by all persons being reimbursed at district expense. The recipient shall attest to the validity of the expenses by signing the expense voucher.