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Extended Field Trip Request Form: IJOA-E2

  • Instruction: I
Extended Field Trip Request Form: IJOA-E2

Please complete the following and submit to the building administrator responsible for field trip approval.

  1. School: Brighton Heritage
  2. Organization, class, club requesting the trip:
  3. Destination:
  4. Date(s):
  5. Time out of school:
  6. Approximate distance to be traveled round trip:
  7. Number of students: involved:
  8. Number of chaperones:
  9. Method of transportation:
  10. Manner in which the trip is to be financed:
    • a)
    • b)
    • c)
    • d)
    • e)
  11. Estimated total trip cost: $
  12. Estimated cost to each student: $
  13. What accommodations are to be used?
  14. Explain the purpose of the trip including educational objectives, value to students, etc.
  15. Are there alternatives to this trip? available: Yes Explain:
  16. What commitments to parents or students have been made to date?
  17. Does this trip involve a state or national activity? Yes Explain:
  18. Has this organization, class, club, participated in this or a similar activity in the past three years? Yes If so, please list and describe:
  19. Sponsor comments:

Sponsor Signature_________________________


Building administrator comments:

Administrator’s Signature_____________________


Central administrator comments:

Superintendent’s Signature________________________