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Field Trip and Excursions Chaperones: IJOA-E

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Field Trip and Excursions Chaperones: IJOA-E

The superintendent believes that field trips are important experiences which enhance student learning and are an integral part of the school district’s curriculum, and wishes to thank those who have assisted teachers in carrying out field trips scheduled during the school year. Please read this sheet to assure that your questions are answered.

The following is a partial list of DO’S and DON’TS that may help you, the chaperone, in your instruction with our students:


  1. Act as a role model for the students in dress, language, and action. Students will look up to you as a leader. 
  2. If you are assigned a certain group of children, find out their names. Know where they are at all times.
  3. Keep in mind that the safety of the students always comes first.
  4. Notify the classroom teacher or bus driver immediately if you suspect an emergency or the safety of a student is in question.
  5. Enforce the bus rules: - e.g. students should:
    • Remain seated while bus is in motion.
    • Not extend arms, legs or heads out of bus windows.
    • Not talk to driver while bus is in motion, except in emergencies.
    • Not open windows or tamper with emergency doors, except by direction of the driver.
    • Not throw objects from the bus or discard paper, food, gum or other waste on the bus.
    • Keep books, equipment, etc. out of the aisles of the bus.
    • Not eat, drink, chew tobacco or use drugs/alcohol/profanity on the bus.
    • Remain seated until bus comes to a complete stop and leave in an orderly manner.
  6. Since we are counting on you to help the teacher with student control, please be at your assigned spot and on time. We are proud of our student conduct, and we ask that you help us to emphasize a pride in good conduct and that whatever they do on the trip reflects on the total school and district.
  7. Check with the teachers to review expectations before the trip begins.
  8. Help the teacher to be able to stay with a pre-determined timeline or agenda.
  9. If you have a question, please ask the teacher in charge.


  1. Don’t use alcohol/drugs/or profanity; others see you as a representative of the school.
  2. Don’t leave your students unsupervised by sitting or walking with other chaperones during times that the class needs your attention.
  3. Don’t approve strange requests from students unless they have been discussed with and approved by the teacher or bus driver.