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Field Trips and Excursions: IJOA

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Field Trips and Excursions: IJOA

The Superintendent recognizes that the first-hand learning experiences provided by field trips and excursions are an effective and worthwhile means of learning. It is the desire of the Superintendent to encourage field trips and excursions as part of and directly related to the total school program. Field trips should have clear and definite objectives and be consistent with the curriculum and program of study.

Specific guidelines and appropriate administrative procedures shall be developed to screen, approve and evaluate trips and to insure that all reasonable steps are taken for the safety of the participants.

These guidelines and procedures shall insure that all field trips have the approval of the superintendent or designee and the principal.

The school district recognizes the vital need to conserve energy and efforts should be made to be selective in the scheduling of field trips. No trip will exceed 100 miles one way with the exception of extended field trips.

ut-of-state trips are most appropriate for high school students. Trips with demonstrated high educational value may be considered for middle school students providing additional adult chaperones are used. All extended field trips which include both out-of-state and overnight trips must have Superintendent approval. All out-of-state extended field trips are strongly urged to use chartered or public carriers for transportation. It is also required that liability and/or accident insurance to a $1,000,000 level be purchased as a cost of the activity for any out-of-state field trips. When chartered or public carriers are not used, additional liability and/or accident insurance above the $1,000,000 level must be purchased as a cost of the activity for out-of-state field trips.