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First Aid: JLCE

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First Aid: JLCE

No treatment of injuries except first aid shall be permitted in the schools. First aid is that immediate help given by the best qualified person at hand in case of accident or sudden illness. The Superintendent feels that it is proper and lawful for school personnel to give emergency care to sick and injured children whenever the illness or injury comes to the attention of school personnel on school property (including buses), in any group under school supervision or adjacent to the school surroundings consistent with administrative procedures.

Whenever the situation requires additional attention beyond the first aid measures given at the school, references on the student data sheet shall be contacted. When no adult listed on the student data sheet can be reached or if such urgent care is needed that time does not permit several telephone calls, the local ambulance shall be contacted by phone. These procedures shall be followed for all emergencies and at athletic events unless a physician is in attendance at the latter to direct the handling of such emergencies.

Any person who in good faith provides emergency care or assistance without compensation at the place of the emergency or accident shall not be liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions in good faith.