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Fiscal Management Goals: DA

  • Fiscal Management: D
Fiscal Management Goals: DA

The financial management of the district shall be the responsibility of the Board, the superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer. The superintendent shall administer the school district budget, making expenditures and commitments.

The superintendent, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, shall be responsible for the management of district funds. They shall be responsible for the installation and supervision of proper internal control systems to include, but not be limited to:

  1. Receipt and deposit of school moneys.
  2. Payment of salaries and wages as adopted by the Board.
  3. Payment of warrants drawn on the district funds for non-salary items.

The Superintendent recognizes that operating expenses must be paid commencing with each fiscal year and that sufficient school revenues are not received from the state and property taxes until at least March of each year. In order to avoid borrowing money and paying interest, the Superintendent shall include in each budget sufficient cash funds, together with other revenue, which may be available to pay required current expenditures.

In order to assure the schools reasonable sums available for unforeseen emergencies and other contingencies, a sum to be set and determined by the Superintendent shall be included in each general fund budget for the contingency reserve.