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Form Request for Public Records: KDB-2-E

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Form Request for Public Records: KDB-2-E

This form will assist us in processing your public records request. Clearly defining the records which are sought is critical to a timely and accurate response. Thank you for your assistance.

Person Requesting Records

Name __________________________________

Address ________________________________


Phone __________________________________

Firm you represent (if any) _________________________

When do you want these records? ___________________

Do you prefer to have copies of these records, or view them at our offices? (In some cases, viewing of our records may not be allowed and photocopies may be provided instead.)

__________ Copies

__________ View at office

Please identify the documents that you wish to review. Please be as specific as possible, using a separate page if necessary. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

Check one:

_________ I am only seeking records which are dated between __________ and ___________. _________ I am seeking all records described, regardless of date.

Note: Unless you specify otherwise, your request will be assumed to apply only to documents stored on paper or microfiche; generally, retrieval of documents stored electronically is significantly more expensive. See information below regarding electronic records.

Because we must comply with the Colorado Public Records Act, certain documents, such as those containing individual student or employee information, are confidential and we are not able to release them except to the one who is the subject of the record (or the parent/guardian of such a person) or in response to a subpoena. Requests for such records will be denied. If we deny access, you may request a written statement citing the law or regulation under which access is denied.

Also, if the records are “in active use, in storage or otherwise are not readily available” we will let you know that at the time of the request and give you an idea of when the documents can be provided.

By signing below, you represent that you are not a party to a lawsuit against the School District or one of its employees, and that you are not acting on behalf of such a party. (In such cases, the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, and not District 27J records policy, applies.)

Form completed by (please sign and print your name)

Printed Name



Information Concerning electronically Stored Records

Because of the resources necessary to respond to a request for electronic records, additional charges apply to request for such records, except where only the output of a word processing program is required. We charge the fees listed on the attached schedule.

Data Resulting from Computer Output

When a request for public records is made and the records are the results of computer output other than word processing, the employee to whom such request is made shall apply the following fee schedule. Consistent with federal regulations, no fees may be charged to a parent/guardian or eligible student for searching for or retrieval of student records. (All fees are in addition to the costs of photocopying or other duplication):

$50.00/Hour, with a minimum charge of one (1) hour.

All fees shall be collected prior to the information being provided. Prior to doing the work, a cost estimate shall be given to the person requesting the information.