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Grading Assessment System Guidelines: IKA-R2

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Grading Assessment System Guidelines: IKA-R2

The administration shall issue regulations to ensure that the grading/assessment system is uniform throughout the school system at the elementary level and at the secondary level. These directions shall conform with the following guidelines:

1. Official reporting of grades shall be on a regular nine, twelve, or eighteen weeks basis at the elementary/middle level and on an eighteen-week basis for secondary schools.

  • The following grading scale applies to middle and high school courses.
    • 90 – 100 A
    • 80 – 89 B
    • 70 – 79 C
    • 60 – 69 D
    • Below 60 F
  • Grades within .5 percent of earning the next highest letter grade will be rounded up to that grade (e.g. 89.5 = A, 79.5 = B, 69.5 = C or 59.5 = D)
  • This scale does not apply for those courses designated as “pass or fail”, which award credit for passing with a percentage grade of 59.5% or higher. Pass or fail courses do not impact a student’s grade point average.

2. Grades shall reflect a student's progress in meeting the course/curriculum objectives and content standards through a variety of evaluative measures, such as: regular assignments (both oral and written); special assignments; research projects and products; and/or projects tests/quizzes, and performance assessments or content standards. Regular progress reports shall be issued no later than every six weeks of a grading period.

3. Grades are an indication of student success. Grades shall not be used to impose personal bias nor shall they be influenced by pressure.

4. Transfer grades shall be accepted by the receiving school provided that the courses taken are compatible with local and state regulations.

5. Students entering the ninth grade shall be advised of the method of calculating class rank and grade point average prior to entering the ninth grade. Grades used to determine class rank shall be the final grades for any course.

6. Students entering the ninth grade shall further be advised of the grading system for AP/Honors courses as well as for Concurrent Enrollment Courses.

7. Teachers shall maintain accurate records which reveal how they have determined each student's grades.