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Graduation Requirements: IKF-R-1

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Graduation Requirements: IKF-R-1

The following graduation requirements are applicable for graduating classes through the class of 2020. Graduation requirements will be revised beginning with the class of 2021.

Each student graduating from 27J shall have earned 46 semester credits in the following areas.

(35 required and 11 electives)

Course Semester Credits Stipulations
Career and Technical Education 2 May include, but not limited to, Engineering, Auto, Agriculture, Building Trades, Family and Consumer Sciences, Marketing(DECA), Drafting, Welding, Nursing, business classes
Computer 1 May include, but not limited to, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Engineering, Technology Lab, Web Design
Financial Literacy 1 May include, but not limited to, Life Management, Math Topics, Marketing 1, Business Principles, Economics, Personal Finance, Accounting, Financial Algebra
Health 1  
Language Arts 8 Must include English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, or its equivalent (Note1 )
Mathematics 6 Must include 2 semesters of Algebra or higher. May include semesters of Geometry2 , Algebra II, Pre-calculus with Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Discrete Math, Math Topics, Accounting, Economics, Math Analysis, mathematics intervention3 or its equivalent
Science 6 Must include 2 semesters of Physical Science, 2 semesters of Life Science or its equivalent
Social Studies 6 Must include Cultural Geography, World History, US History, Political Science or its equivalent
Humanities 2 May include, but not limited to, Fine Art, Language Arts electives, Music, Social Studies electives. Four credits of World Language is recommended for students planning to attend a four year college
Physical Education 2 May include up to 2 semesters from successful completion of Colorado High School Activities Association activities4
Electives 11 All credits earned in excess of the required courses will be counted as elective credits. It is recommended that these courses serve as an exploration of career pathways.
  1. 2 credits of reading intervention may be taken for language arts credit; additional credits qualify for elective credit
  2. Students who pass algebra, or algebra and geometry, before entering high school will be placed in the next highest course when entering high school; they will not receive high school credit for these courses.
  3. 2 semesters of math intervention may be taken for mathematics credit; additional semesters qualify for elective credit
  4. Guidelines for granting credit for CHSAA activities provided on district athletic website.


Additional Requirements/Options

  1. Each student graduating from School District 27J shall have served a minimum of 5 clock hours of volunteer/community service for each year of attendance in a 27J-managed high school.
  2. In order for transfer students to receive a diploma from a 27J high school, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 7 credit hours on campus during his or her senior year.
  3. Transfer student’s transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis. Transfer credits will be granted based on SD27J course standards.
  4. Early separation by graduating students must be approved by the principal or his or her designee.
  5. Diplomas will not be awarded for students completing the necessary requirements early. Those students will receive their diplomas in May at the annual commencement ceremony.
  6. Students may earn a .5 credit in the following areas if he/she scored at the ADVANCED level of the Colorado’s state adopted assessment (e.g. CSAP, CMAS, PARCC) tests:
    • 9th and 10th grade reading could earn a .5 credit in English
    • 9th and 10th grade math could earn a .5 credit in math
    • 10th grade science could earn a .5 in science
    • 9th and 10th grade writing could earn a .5 in humanities