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Grant Reimbursement Procedures: DDA

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Grant Reimbursement Procedures: DDA

The District requires that all grant administrators submit the following items prior to receiving approval for reimbursement of appropriate and approved budget items under any federal, state, or local grant.

  1. A document summarizing the amount being requested and how it aligns with the previously approved budget.
  2. A copy of the vendor invoice, containing all identifying information (name of vendor, location, phone number, etc.)
  3. Proof of payment: either a copy of a cancelled check to vendor or p-card bank, online payment confirmation for wires or ACH payments or detailed payroll registers.
  4. Proof of actual delivery: packing slips listing all items delivered and serial numbers for supplies or a completed copy of a “Proof of Delivery for Contracted Services”
  5. Time and effort documentation if requesting reimbursement for salaries paid.

The District finance office will maintain all of this additional documentation as support for the requirements outlined in AF 6-1 and AF 6-2 (referenced below) and will have it available for inspection during normal business hours. Documentation will also be provided to CDE along with the request for funds form that is submitted to the Grants Fiscal department.