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Homework: IKB

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Homework: IKB

The Superintendent recognizes that experiences both within the classroom and outside the classroom contribute meaningfully to student learning and that parent involvement is crucial to student success. Educational assignments for students which are to be accomplished outside the classroom are considered homework and will be assigned routinely to all Brighton students.

Homework assignments are beneficial learning opportunities for students and strengthen parent involvement. Homework activities which are designed to help students achieve district content standards and which are carefully planned and geared to the educational needs of the individual student have a definite place in the instructional program. When done properly, homework will help achieve the following:

  1. Develop students’ organizational and study skills.
  2. Encourage students to become independent learners.
  3. Develop students’ initiative and sense of responsibility.
  4. Reinforce previous instruction and practice new skills.
  5. Encourage parent involvement.
  6. Provide enrichment beyond what is possible in the classroom.
  7. Teach efficient use of time.
  8. Assist in the development of habits of planning for and meeting deadlines.
  9. Make up work missed because of absence.

The amount, length and type of homework assignments will vary according to the individual needs of students and the class or course selected. The amount of homework will be minimal in the primary grades and increase as students’ progress under the direction of classroom teachers. At the secondary level, homework will be regularly assigned.

In implementing this policy administrators and teachers shall be guided by the following:

  1. Homework assignments should not be excessive, realizing that students have other afterschool activities.
  2. Homework should be varied to account for differences in ability.
  3. Homework assignments should be reasonable, interesting, challenging and clear.
  4. Homework assignments should provide for out-of-school learning activities that complement or extend classroom learning.

Homework can be made a beneficial learning opportunity for students with the involvement of parents. Brighton teachers and principals are expected to encourage parents to emphasize the importance of homework with their children.