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IHAM - Health Education

  • Instruction: I
IHAM - Health Education

In keeping with the Colorado Comprehensive Health Education Act, the district will provide health/sex education as an integral part of each student's general education. This instruction shall provide information that encourages healthy life styles, wise decision making and respect for self and others.

The "Comprehensive Health Education" program (K-12) shall include but not be limited to, the following topics:

  • Growth and Development
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Personal Health
  • Family Life and Health
  • Sex Education
  • Disease Prevention and Control
  • Nutrition
  • Safety and First Aid
  • Drug Use and Abuse
  • Consumer Health
  • Community Health Management

In addition to the customary policies and regulations of any curriculum provided for in this district, the following regulations will be followed:

  1. Written notification of the district comprehensive health education program shall be sent to the parents or guardians of all students within the district.
  2. A public forum shall be held to receive public comment upon the curriculum materials and resources to be used in the health education program. In addition, curriculum materials, resources and the instructional guide to be used in health education shall be available for public inspection during school hours.
  3. Parents/guardians of all students shall be notified that they may request their child be exempt from all or part of the health education program.
  4. Should a parent/child request non-participation in any given aspect of the health course, an alternative educational assignment shall be arranged by the teachers.
  5. Teachers who provide instruction in this class shall have health/sex education training.

The curriculum, instructional materials, and staff training used in this program shall be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board.