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Instructional Goals Learning Objectives: IA

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Instructional Goals Learning Objectives: IA

The Superintendent has adopted a standards-based system of education with content standards for specific courses of study. Content standards are a compilation of specific statements of what a student should know or be able to do relative to a particular academic area.

The superintendent shall have overall responsibility for implementing content standards into the instructional programs of all district schools. Instruction shall be conducted in order to meet the needs of a standards-based curriculum and shall be designed so that student attitudes support personal achievement of relevant content standards. Learning methods used by teachers shall logically connect with the relevant content standards and appropriate assessments.

Implementation of standards-based education shall involve a continuous process of:

  1. Revising curriculum and programs of instruction to align them with the district’s adopted content standards to provide students with the educational experiences needed to achieve the district’s standards.
  2. Developing assessments which will adequately measure each student’s progress toward achievement of the content standards.
  3. Addressing the different learning styles and needs of students of various backgrounds and abilities.