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Instructional Materials: IJ

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Instructional Materials: IJ

Superintendent is legally responsible for the selection of all instructional materials for the schools under its jurisdiction. They recognize the student’s right of free access to many different types of books and instructional materials. The Superintendent also recognizes the right of teachers and administrators to select books and other materials in accordance with current trends in education and to make them available in the schools. In selecting materials, the involvement of parents and citizen is encouraged to ensure that selections are made consistent with community expectations. It is therefore the policy of this Superintendent to require the materials selected for the schools to be in accordance with the following:

  1. Instructional materials shall be chosen for values of interest and enlightenment of students in the schools and shall not be excluded solely because of language, style or views of the writer.
  2. The materials will be selected with consideration to suitability, content and relevance to educational objectives as determined by the teacher. The choice shall reflect concern for the age, maturity and ability of the students who will use the materials
  3. Recognizing that resources used in the classroom often reflect a particular point of view, additional resources will be used to present a fair balance of ideas so that the students have full opportunity to investigate and consider various positions and to draw intelligent conclusions.