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Literacy and Reading Assessments: ILBC

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Literacy and Reading Assessments: ILBC

Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension
(Colorado READ Act)

The Board believes reading is the skill most closely associated with success in school. In accordance with this belief and state law, the district shall provide students enrolled in kindergarten, first, second and third grades with instructional programming and interventions to enable these students, to the greatest extent possible, to achieve reading competency and attain the skills necessary to achieve the Board's and state's academic achievement goals.

Assessments and READ plans

In accordance with the Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act) and applicable State Board of Education rules, the district shall assess the reading readiness level of every kindergarten student and the literacy and reading comprehension level of every first, second and third grade student. If the assessment of the student indicates the student has a significant reading deficiency, a READ plan shall be developed for the student in accordance with this policy's accompanying regulation.

The decision to retain a student due to the student's significant reading deficiency shall be made by the building principal, in accordance with applicable law and in consultation with the student's parent/guardian, the student's teacher and other appropriate school personnel.

The meeting to discuss the possible retention of a student with a significant reading deficiency and the notice required by the READ Act are addressed in this policy's accompanying regulation.

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, if a decision is made to promote a student to fourth grade even though the student continues to be identified as a student with a significant reading deficiency, the superintendent or superintendent's designee shall make the final decision regarding whether the student is promoted or retained.


The district shall annually report to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) the state-assigned student identifier for each student enrolled in the district who has a READ plan. Other information required by the READ Act and applicable State Board of Education rules shall also be reported to CDE.

The district shall also use the reported student data to develop and implement district and school improvement plans in accordance with the Education Accountability Act of 2009 and applicable State Board of Education rules.