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Payment of Negotiations Costs: HJ

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Payment of Negotiations Costs: HJ

The costs of any election provided for in Superintendent Policy File: HH shall be borne entirely by those employees or groups asking for certification and/or decertification.

The Board, at its discretion, may require that any party or group seeking to have its name appear on a ballot post a bond to be held by the fiscal officer of the district in an amount equal to the reasonably anticipated share of total expenses attributable to that party or group.

When an employee has been absent from work to participate in negotiations proceedings, the cost of a substitute shall be borne by the negotiating group.

All fees and expenses of any fact finding proceedings shall be shared equally by the Board and the bargaining unit or negotiating group. If either party requests to have a transcript of the hearing prepared, that party shall be responsible for the cost of the transcript and shall furnish a copy to the fact finder. The other party to negotiations shall be responsible for the cost of its copy of the transcript if it desires one.