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Payroll Procedures: DKA-R

  • Fiscal Management: D
Payroll Procedures: DKA-R

The payroll specialist shall prepare the monthly payroll as follows:

  1. Receives and reviews time and attendance sheets and prepares the necessary data for computer input.
  2. Compiles all necessary data for computer input and arranges for the necessary data entry.
  3. Reviews data entry and makes necessary changes to assure an accurate payroll.
  4. Voids all payroll checks on which there are errors and issues handwritten checks to take the place of those voided.
  5. Prepares payroll register, check register and other reports necessary for payroll documentation and issues checks.
  6. Signs all payroll checks with facsimile signature of the Superintendent.

Under no circumstances will the finance office make any additions, deletions or modifications to payroll data concerning district employees without having received prior written directives from the personnel office.

These directives should be received by the finance office on a timely basis so that they will not interfere with the normal monthly processing of the district's payroll.

The director of finance shall review payroll payments.

The payroll specialist shall reconcile computer payroll detail to all billings for employee deductions and benefits and prepare all required end-of-month checks and reports. Also, Responsible to update the payroll system with current tax tables, routine "updates" or modifications, clearing system totals, etc. and prepares various required federal, state reports relating to payroll (unemployment report, 941E, etc.)

The payroll specialist shall reconcile payroll data to the district's general ledger monthly.