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Physical Examination of Students: JJID

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Physical Examination of Students: JJID

Parents shall be encouraged to have their children physically examined prior to entering school and again prior to the fourth, seventh and tenth grades. A dental examination also shall be strongly suggested.

Any student engaging in any competitive athletics shall prior to his participation in any form of exercises leading to such athletics be given a physical examination by a physician.

Further, in any case where physical exercise is rather strenuous (such as physical education classes) and a student has any physical impairment whatsoever, these students may be required to present authorization for such participation from a physician.

Students may be excused from physical education activities and from curricular requirements relating to physical education activities upon the statement from a physician that such participation would be injurious to their health.

Teachers shall be alert to the general well-being of students and shall refer any questionable situations to the school principal.