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Post-Secondary Enrollment Guidelines: IHCD-R

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Post-Secondary Enrollment Guidelines: IHCD-R
  1. Credit for college work taken under this program will be accepted by the high school when the credits are necessary for graduation. The program will be available only during the regular school year; summer school is not an option.
  2. Students wishing to participate in this program must submit a request for participation at least two months in advance of the start of the program to the principal. Such application must include a statement of the goals of the student, how the requested course assists in meeting these goals, and a statement of reasons why the request cannot be met within the existing program.
  3. Where a number of students request the same course, the school may contract with an institution of higher education to provide the course.
  4. Students with sufficient credits to graduate would be allowed time during the school day to attend classes at institutions of higher education. Transportation to the institution of higher education will not be provided by the school district.
  5. A student is entitled to appeal decisions denying acceptance of credits to the Superintendent, Board of Education, and ultimately to the State Board.