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Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Contract: IHCD-E5

  • Instruction: I
Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Contract: IHCD-E5
  1. I understand that my eligibility to participate in high school activities and/or athletics may be affected.
  2. I understand that my high school will determine whether or not each course is approved for high school credit.
  3. I understand that I must be certified academically as a junior or senior in my high school and that my academic record must meet the entrance requirements of the institution at which I am requesting enrollment.
  4. I understand that I must be in grade 11 or 12 and that I have not met the graduation requirements of School District 27J.
  5. I understand that no transportation will be provided for this program by the School District 27J.
  6. I understand that I cannot be enrolled in this program during the summer session and/or between semester sessions.
  7. I understand that the cost of fees, books, supplies and other learning materials will be my responsibility.
  8. I understand that I will earn 1.0 high school credit for each three, four or five-hour college course if I elect high school credit.
  9. I understand it is my responsibility upon the completion of the course(s) to arrange for an official copy of my transcript to be sent to the Principal for credit and grade processing.
  10. I understand that it will be my responsibility to complete all required forms. I further understand that my (our) signature(s) at the bottom of this form authorizes the institution of higher education and the School District 27J to share information and documents related to the student’s grades and attendance, discipline issues, test scores, transcripts and any other matters covered by this act (the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act) or otherwise capable of being shared lawfully between the institution and the district.
  11. I understand that School District 27J will reimburse me for the cost of tuition for no more than two (2) college courses per academic term that have been approved for high school credit. Reimbursement shall occur only after I submit evidence to the high school principal that I have passed the course with a grade of C or better. Reimbursement will not be provided when: (1) high school credit is denied or not approved for the course; or (2) I fail to satisfactorily complete the course.
  12. I understand that pupils who are eligible for free and reduced lunch or who will suffer an economic hardship by paying tuition to a postsecondary institution may in some cases qualify for an exemption to the requirements of paragraph 14 This exemption is available only for classes which also qualify for college credit. I understand that to qualify for this exemption I must specifically apply for it to School District 27J and my parent and I must sign a written agreement by which my parent and I agree to repay the amount of the tuition if I fail to earn a grade of C or better, or otherwise do not complete the course for any reason not approved by the high school principal.
  13. I understand that I may appeal a decision of Denial of Credit within ten (10) working days as outlined by the district/Colorado Department of Education.
  14. I understand that course approval for tuition payment will be granted only if the high school I attend (BHS, PVHS, or BHA) does not have said course in its course offerings.

I have read, understand and agree to the above statements concerning participation in the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program.

Student Signature_______________________________________ Date __________________________

Parent Signature _________________________________________________ Date ________________


(Due to your high school counselor by November 30th for spring semester classes, and by May 5th for fall semester classes)

You have indicated that you are interested in enrolling in a college course while a high school student. The State of Colorado provides several options for high school students who meet high school standards to begin college early. The purpose of these options include promoting content standards, providing academic challenges, and providing access to academic courses that may not be available at a local high school to meet high school graduation requirements.

High school seniors who have completed their high school graduation requirements may begin college under the FAST TRACK PROGRAM (The school district pays the tuition at the time the student registers and there is no limit on the number of courses. Student is responsible for payment of fees and books).

High school juniors (11th grade) and seniors (12th grade) who are ready for college work in one or more subject areas are encouraged to enroll in college level work under the POSTSECONDARY ENROLLMENT OPTIONS ACT (School districts reimburse the students for the tuition if they pass the course). Students are entitled to reimbursement for two courses per semester. According to the law, school districts may voluntarily agree to pay for additional courses beyond two courses per term. PSEO does not include course enrollments during summer session.

High school students 16 years or older may open enroll in colleges courses as SPECIAL NON-DEGREE SEEKING STUDENTS. There are no limits on the type of course other than academic prerequisites and placement tests required for specific courses. Because these enrollments are not state-funded under the School Finance Act, the student is not entitled to tuition reimbursement by the school district.

Section A: To be completed by STUDENT

Name of Student: _____________________________________________________________________________________ First                                                            Middle                                                           Last

Social Security Number: ______ ____ ______ FRCC id number: _________________

Age: ________ Birthdate: ____/____/____

Address ______________________________________________ State: ______

Zip Code: ____________ Phone: (______) _____________

Email _____________________________ Name of Parent/Guardian:____________________________

School District: ______________________ Date Student Enrolled in 9th Grade: ___________________

High School: ________________________ H.S. Principal:___________________________ 

College: _____FRCC______________________________________________

Term (circle): Fall   Spring     Summer       Year: 20________

College Course(s):                                       Approved (Initials of Counselor):

____________________________________     _____________________________________

____________________________________     _____________________________________

____________________________________     _____________________________________

____________________________________     _____________________________________

____________________________________     _____________________________________

Take this form to your high school counselor. Section B will indicate which options are available for you. This contract is student and college specific. A separate contract must be completed for each college that the high school student plans to attend


Section B: Student Eligibility: To be completed by a High School Counselor/Principal. Check all that apply.


  • This student is a senior who has met or will meet the high school graduation requirements before the start of the college course enrollment. - FAST TRACK
  • This student is eligible to participate and has the maturity to enroll in a college level course and complete the assignments for the course.
  • The school district agrees to pay the tuition for ____ FAST TRACK courses this term.



  • This student is enrolled in 11th grade.
  • This student is enrolled in 12th grade.
  • This student is eligible to participate and has the maturity to enroll in a college level course and complete the assignments for the course.
  • The school district agrees to pay tuition reimbursement for ____ PSEO courses this term.
  • This student is enrolled in grade 13, often referred to as a fifth year senior. INELIGIBLE for PSEO
  • This is an international student attending high school on a F1 Visa. INELIGIBLE FOR PSEO
  • This student is interested in remedial, pre-college level, or P.E. courses. INELIGIBLE FOR PSEO
  • This student wishes to enroll in a course for high school credit only. NOT CLAIMABLE FOR FTE
  • Student wishes to pay own tuition. Go to section D and sign.

High School Counselor:

Signed: __________________________________ Title:____________________ Date:___________

For districts that require central administration approval, School District Central Administration sign below:

Signed: __________________________________ Title:____________________ Date:____________

Section C: Approved by college administrator (or designated college staff who administers high school concurrent enrollment program). Keep copy of signed agreement on file at the college.

Name of College, Approval Stamp Or Comments:_____ Front Range Community College____________

Signed: __________________________________ Title:_____________________ Date: ____________

Section D: To be signed by student and student's parent/guardian

I understand that this agreement entitles me/my child to enroll in college courses. I understand the following:

  1. The course is a college-level course (i.e., remedial instruction and pre-college level courses are not eligible), and I will meet the same course requirements as college students.
  2. The course satisfies college graduation requirements (note: physical education courses; remedial, basic skill courses, and advanced placement courses are not eligible under FAST TRACK or PSEO).
  3. The course credits will only transfer if I earn a grade of “C” or better in the course.
  4. The grade received in this course will appear on my college transcript.
  5. If I withdraw from the course after drop/add date, I will receive a “W” or “F” on my college transcript and will not be eligible for tuition reimbursement.
  6. I am not eligible for the privileges of a college student, i.e., may not participate in college activities or sports, not eligible for federal or statefunded financial aid, including Institutional scholarships funded with general fund dollars.
  7. The application entitles me to enroll as a high school concurrent student and does not admit me into the college or a degree program.
  8. I may be eligible for tuition reimbursement by the school district if I meet my district's requirements. Waived if last box is checked in section B (student paying own tuition)

In signing this agreement, I authorize the college to release my transcript to my school district at the end of the course.

Student's Signature ________________________________________________Date _______________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature  _________________________________________ Date ______________